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    From Encyclopedia of Mathematics
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    Move of The Encyclopedia of Mathematics from Springer Verlag to EMS Press

    • The Encyclopedia of Mathematics (EoM) has moved from Springer Verlag to EMS Press, the Berlin-based mathematics publisher, owned by the 飞翔加速器破解版.
    • Therefore, the software of this server was updated - see the Special:Version for details.
    • In case you encounter any problems with the new software just drop a note on the discussion page of this page.
    • Further Information will be posted here soon, in particular concerning the licensing agreement.

    Please stay tuned with EoM!


    网易UU加速器破解版无限循环试用3天教程 - 子枫资源网:2021-3-15 · 网易UU加速器破解版无限循环试用3天教程(附带视频教程) 软件说明 网易UU加速器破解版已突破3天限制 3天更换一次账号即可 验证码平台接码就可伍,然后登录加速器就可伍了,一次1毛,一个 …

    Springer, in cooperation with the European Mathematical Society, has made the content of this Encyclopedia freely open to the public. It is hoped that the mathematics community will find it useful and will be motivated to update those topics that fall within their own expertise or add new topics enabling the wiki to become yet again the most comprehensive and up-to-date online mathematics reference work.

    The original articles from the Encyclopaedia of Mathematics remain copyrighted to Springer but any new articles added and any changes made to existing articles within encyclopediaofmath.org will come under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License. An editorial board, under the management of the European Mathematical Society, monitors any changes to articles and has full scientific authority over alterations and deletions.

    This wiki is a MediaWiki that uses the MathJax extension, making it possible to insert mathematical equations in $\rm \TeX$ and $\rm \LaTeX$. For instructions on how this can be achieved, please see the Help page.

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